Al Dameer warns of the catastrophic repercussions and the collapse of the humanitarian and living conditions

Al-Dameer- the international community and the Israeli occupation state held responsibility for the catastrophic repercussions of the continuation of the aggression for the seventh day in light of the continuation of the barbaric and barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip that led to the death of (188) martyrs, including (58) children, (34) women, and wounding more of them ( 1235) out of (50) in a state of danger, and the destruction of neighborhoods and their infrastructure, including electric current networks, water, and sewage networks, and the destruction of (719) apartments, and (4271) partially damaged, the bombing of about (76) towers and residential buildings, and the destruction of (63) government buildings. (120) civilian cars were destroyed and burned, and the energy and communications sector incurred losses of (12 million US dollars) and sector losses in economic facilities amounted to (20 million US dollars). According to the Ministry of Information in Gaza, the cost of road, street, and infrastructure losses amounted to (13 million US dollars) until The moment of issuance of the statement.

The catastrophic repercussions and the tragic, living and humanitarian conditions escalate and increase as a result of the continuing barbaric aggression against the residents of the Gaza Strip that affects all walks of life, especially the continued closure of the "Kerem Abu Salem" crossing.  The only commercial crossing for the residents of the Gaza Strip since 5/10/2021, in which food and materials are brought in The basic medical supplies, medicines, and consumables needed for the Gaza Strip and preventing the entry of fuel to the power plant, which led to the power cuts in most areas of the Gaza Strip, and thus the electric current reached for two hours during the 24 hours for the residents, and the occupation authorities are still preventing (4,500) fishermen from going to the sea and targeting their boats Anchored at the ports on the Gaza beach, the occupation authorities continue to close the Beit Hanoun "Erez" crossing to prevent the passage of citizens and patients from them to receive treatment even in humanitarian cases that need treatment in hospitals in the West Bank.

It is worth noting that the Gaza Strip suffers from a deterioration in health conditions and a lack of the necessary resources for medicines and medical consumables necessary to provide health service to the citizens of the Gaza Strip, as the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip stated that the deficit reaches (50%) of the list of main medicines (60%). For medical analyzes (45%) for medical tasks and the exhaustion of laboratory examination materials designed to detect infection with the Coronavirus, this is before the start of the aggression and the high number of martyrs and injuries from dangerous cases.

According to the follow-up by Al- Dameer Foundation, as a result of the continued bombing of the eastern and northern neighborhoods of the Gaza Strip, which has pushed hundreds of families from forced displacement and resorting to UNRWA schools and in the center of Gaza City, with the UNRWA having no plan to accommodate them and provide basic services to them, and a complete halt The purchasing and commercial movement in all the markets of the Gaza Strip and the inability to reach farmers, their lands and farms to supply the markets with the plant, animal and fish requirements.

Al - Dameer Foundation for Human Rights believes that all occupation practices of aggression and siege fall under war crimes against humanity, and affirms that the Gaza Strip is legally described as a territory subject to Israeli occupation. Stipulated in international humanitarian law, and that the Israeli occupation, as an occupying power, bears responsibility for the residents of the Gaza Strip, and that society is legally and morally responsible for providing all life necessities, medicine, and medical supplies to its residents.

Al- Dameer Foundation for Human Rights condemns and denounces the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip as well as all the escalating Israeli practices against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, and affirms that the occupying power's continued disregard for the rights of the Palestinian people is a natural product of the international community’s continued failure to fulfill its responsibilities to protect the Palestinian population. And immunizing the occupying state from accountability for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, and accordingly, the Al-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights holds the international community fully responsible for the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, and calls on the high signatories of the fourth Geneva convention of 1949 to immediately move and intervene to force the occupying power to stop its aggression. Continuing on civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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