Al Dameer follows with great concern the continuing assaults against citizens by police in Gaza

Al Dameer follows with great concern the recurrence of assaults  by the security services and the police against citizens in the Gaza strip because of citizens' lack of curfew commitment and to restrict assemblies of citizens, these violations were clearly shown through videos on social media "Facebook", complaints received by Al Dameer through its website and cases monitored by the field researchers.

Al Dameer emphasizes the need of the police to discharge their duties in preventing the outbreak of the Coronavirus through using measures that preserve the dignity of citizens according to the relevant legal provisions.

it appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to enforce the curfew and the declaration of the state of emergency in the Gaza Strip for the sake of the safety of Gaza citizens, But in return, security services and police have to treat citizens with dignity and respect and stop all assaults on citizens.

Al Dameer expresses its concern about the continuing aggression against the citizens and strongly denounce all methods of using force, accordingly:

* It calls on citizens in Gaza Strip to comply with the instructions and the preventive measures imposed by the government,

*It calls on the deputy minister for the interior, the director-general of the police, the governors, the attorney general and the competent authorities to take the necessary measures to stop such violations and prevent such illegal actions and respect the rights of citizens guaranteed by law.





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