AL Dameer demands the Palestinian government to take actions and provide emergency assistance

AL Dameer demands the Palestinian government to take actions and provide emergency assistance to the affected workers in light of  the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Al Dameer association for human rights follows with great concern the deterioration of economic conditions in light of  the spread of the  coronavirus (COVID-19) and the emergency measures taken by the government in the Gaza Strip. The current situation led to deterioration of the economic and social conditions which affected a wide range of workers from different sectors, especially in the light of the blockade imposed by the Israeli occupying authorities on the Palestinian territories since 14 years ago and the pre-existed poor economic situation, unemployment and poverty that have been  increased over the past period.

According to Al Dameer information, the government imposed precautionary and preventive measures in Gaza Strip to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) such as imposing curfew for 48 hours which was extended for another 72 hours, suspension  of work at official and private institutions, closure of educational institutions, mosques, markets, wedding halls and clubs and prevention gatherings and assemblies, those measures  influenced negatively on workers’  economic situation, especially daily workers,

According to statistics of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of workers in Gaza Strip reached 261,000 workers in Gaza Strip, and 176,900 workers are classified as "self-employed"

Al Dameer confirms that the most affected people of this crisis are the workers who already suffer from difficult living and economic conditions, and that the Palestinian state and the government must bear the responsibilities for improving the life conditions of citizens and workers to move out of this emergency phase while ensuring them a decent and healthy lives,

The observer of the conditions and consequences of the Gaza Strip could easily recognizes general dissatisfaction among people of the Palestinian society because of  the bad life conditions with reasons that became no longer acceptable to the Palestinian citizen who has been burdened by successive crises since 14 years ago because of the political division and the blockade imposed on  the Gaza Strip that affected all the economic and social aspects.  therefore, AL Dameer warns of the worsen economic situation caused by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the imposition of a state of emergency and the preventive measures by the government, accordingly:

-Al Dameer calls the international community and the International Labor Organization to intervene to assist the government and the authority to provide emergency assistance to workers of the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.
- Al Dameer calls the Palestinian government and authority to intervene for urgent and effective interventions and implementation of a rescue plan for workers affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).
- Al Dameer calls Labor and professional unions and civil society to take actions regarding the workers to ensure them a decent lives.







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